Maximum Concurrent Reconciles in Helm-based Operators

Increase concurrency of custom reconciliation to scale your operator to large clusters.

Depending on the number of CRs your operator is managing, it might be necessary to tune the maximum number of concurrent reconciles to ensure timely reconciliations. The --max-concurrent-reconciles flag can be used to override the default max concurrent reconciles, which by default is the number of CPUs on the node on which the operator is running. For example:

$ cat config/manager/manager.yaml
      - args:
        - manager
        - --max-concurrent-reconciles=10

While running locally, this flag can also be added to the helm binary. For example, running helm-operator binary with the above mentioned flag would give us a similar result:

helm-operator --max-concurrent-reconciles=10

NOTE: If you’re using the default scaffolding, it is necessary to also apply this change to the config/default/manager_auth_proxy_patch.yaml file. This file is a kustomize patch to the operator deployment that configures kube-rbac-proxy to require authorization for accessing your operator metrics. When kustomize applies this patch, it overrides the args defined in config/manager/manager.yaml